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Two beautiful solid Oak bookmarks with Gold tassels, these bookmarks are ideal for your favourite bookworm. They are made from solid English Oak but at only 2.5mm thick, slip nicely inside the book while the Gold tassels lead you to your page quickly. The Oak is finished with a finishing oil to deepen the gorgeous colour of the timber even further. This is a great gift item and is presented in there own gift boxes all ready for you to wrap and present. 


The book marks start life as a solid Oak board which I rip down into long thin strips using a bandsaw. These strips are thin put through a planer to machine them down to 3mm. After machining to the correct thickness the strips are cut to length and their holes drilled in before sanding to shape on a belt sander. Every bookmark then gets a coat of oil before buffing on a buffing wheel to give them their final polish.

Wooden Bookmarks

  •  205mm x 38mm x 2.5mm

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