Experimenting with this log pile, its been there for about 3 years now and was a mixture of date palm, Tulip and wellingtonia. The Wellington had rotten so I've filled the wheel barrow with the Tulip and a couple of bits of Palm.  

I could already see that there was a decent amount of Spalting in the tulip so was hopeful of what was waiting inside. 

The bark was never going to stay there so rather than get a face full of rotten mush I decided to take it off. The scene underneath looked like a bugs playground. I'm not at all squeamish but not wanting to get covered in bugs and mud, gave the outside a good brush off before starting the lathe. 

Just like unwrapping a gift, peeling back that out side layer was really pleasing with what was underneath. Lots of Spalting was waiting and at that moment the effort was really worth it, above all this timber was free!

I've only turned this one tall pot so far, to hold the movement when drying its been turned thin so it can move. I'm working on the rest at the moment and will add more photos as I make more progress. 21st April 2019


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